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Post  Edeard on Sun Dec 19, 2010 2:54 pm

Personal Name/Age: Optional although being 18 years old is required.

Character Name/Level:


Main Spec/Off Spec:

Do you have ventrilo? This is rhetorical. Ventrilo/Mic is a requirement.

What is your experience with raiding if any? If none, dutifully explain why you would be a good choice for us to bring raiding.

What are your professions/level?

What are your WoW plans? What do you wish to accomplish in six months, a year from now?

Other comments: The more detail you give us, the quicker and more aptly we will consider and reply to your application. Little is "required" here, your voice chat interview is a great place for you to bring to light anything you feel important. Feel free to goof, have fun, and throw any tidbit of yourself you want us to know. What are your other hobbies? What do you do for work/school? Plans, Goals?


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