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Post  Kaiadus on Mon Mar 14, 2011 6:35 pm

Kaiadus - 85 warlock
Destro/Demo (definitely willing to be affliction as patches adjust damage and gear increases)
Ventrillo: Yes, and i have my own 25 man server incase there is ever a need
Experience: In vanilla, i raided MC/BWL on a hunter in Deheru Narion (on IceCrown). When aq40 came out, i switched servers, quickly leveled a druid, and joined Exo's (exodia) raid team on burning blade. I also played a prot warrior for a smaller guild for there MC/BWL progression. I did 6 bosses of naxx40 as well. With the release of Burning Crusade i left wow for about 15 months, returning as SSC and TK were content. I leveled a warlock on Mal'ganis (horde) and then xferred to Frostwolf, where i joined up with Warfare (H, 1st on server for KJ). In wrath i stayed with <warfare> for naxx25 then started playing my warrior as <methodical>'s main tank (server 1st ignis, world 6th) and played up til Yogg with him, where i took a break for a few months. When totc came out, i was playing my warlock in a guild i made, <promise>, we did 4/5 totgc10 before icc came out. In ICC i again played my warlock, killing LK with a 5% buff in a PuG (it was a group of friends who i've known for literally years over wow and we got sick of the guild drama so we just teamed up one week and killed LK). In cata i started by leveling my shaman, healing for Throne of the Four winds, til i xferred my warlock to KJ and leveled quickly, joining with <team Alpha> for early BWD and BOT kills.
My proffessions on my warlock are currently 425 tailoring, and 410 enchanting. I have maxed herb/inscrip on my shaman as well
I plan on progressing in WoW. I am not the type of person content with weeks and weeks of same boss kills (unless there is no new content) if there is a boss still alive, i expect steps to be taken as a guild to work in achieving either the gear, or strategy to down them. While i do not expect HM's i am the type of person who likes to finish all content on at least normal.
I go by Kaiadus (KAYdus) ingame, i am 21 (well in 2 weeks i'l be 21) and do freelance work as webdesigner. My hobbies include spending time with my girlfriend, reading, pokemon, and WoW.


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