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READ ME FIRST: Guild Methodology! Empty READ ME FIRST: Guild Methodology!

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Guild Summary:
Our goal in Demigodz is to foster an original and creative raiding and social environment with an emphasis on longevity and stable long-term player networks in the online game community.
With that being said, in order for you to apply to join us, we must first tell you who we are and what we hope to accomplish. That way you may make an informed decision on whether or not Demigodz is the right home for you.

Guild History / Philosophy:
Demigodz may be a newly formed guild on Kil'Jaeden, but has it's roots planted back in Vanilla. Many of the players you will join have been real life and/or game friends that have met in real life. That's not to say we don't have our share of cyber friends kept through the ages, we are just a very tight knit family. Some of our players are versed in the "hard core" arts of raiding with experience in the world content race, while some are new players, Cataclysm being their first taste of high level content. No matter your calling, be it a enthused raider hungry to defeat bosses, or a master of defending the Alliance through slaying the Horde, we will join you, encourage and assist you to become the best.

What we do:
At our very core,.. are raiders. We, all of us, love the challenge of fighting new and increasingly difficult foes. The skill and effort demanded, as well as the synergy between us, drives us towards success. We also have a regiment of players that enjoy making the horde, or fellow arena members scream in agony or joy through player verse player combat.

When a player is looking for a new guild and a guild is looking for a new member, matching expectations are critical to the success of the “player-guild search”. Even a slight mismatch in expectations will leave one or both parties unsatisfied. As such, we feel it is of the upmost importance that we outline what you can expect from Demigodz and what we expect from you. This is doubly so if you intend to become one of our raiders.

What you can expect from Demigodz:

Planning and preparedness: When it comes to raiding, we aim to have a plan of approach to the encounter(s) we will be working on. We also aim to know as much about the encounter as possible. As such, the membership and leadership will invest a significant amount of time into researching and studying encounters. The results of the research are then published to our forums such that the results can be discussed publicly. The publication of results serves a dual purpose. One, it allows us to see who is contributing to getting bosses down which allows us to judge the quality of our leaders and members. Two, it allows us to have everything documented such that new members who are coming onboard can quickly catch up to the collective knowledge of the guild and understand very quickly the methods by which we beat encounters and function as a guild.

An environment where self and group improvement reigns supreme: Our players are extremely critical of themselves and others when it comes to gameplay. Our leadership is extremely critical of itself when it comes to the way the guild is run. Every day is an opportunity to improve upon something that is lacking.

Constructive criticism: We, the leadership, understand nobody is perfect and everyone has room for improvement (which makes criticism a necessary evil). We also understand that it is very difficult for most people to take criticism well. When we find someone (or the raid) is lacking in some aspect, we first look for observable data to prove deficiency. For example, if someone is constantly dying on an encounter, we examine death logs to pinpoint why they are dying. Or, if we are constantly wiping to a boss enrage timer, we look at a variety of things such as proper consumables, proper rotations, uptime, and minimal movement. Once we have obtained the observable data, we look at ways of fixing the problem. We then present the observable data and the solution(s) to the problem to the appropriate parties and expect a quick fix.

Additionally, as far as member/guild performance feedback, our goal is to keep open channels of communication between all guild members and leadership. We DEMAND communication. The leadership talks to each member about what they can improve on and how they can work on it. Our goal to create excellent players and the only method of doing that is with a process of constant feedback and refinement. Additionally, every Tuesday, while the new raid week begins, we hold discussions on what needs to be worked on this week, both in terms of raid content and raid optimization, and any pending guild issues.

Lastly, initiate feedback meetings are also held after the new players raid week in order to make sure new recruits are performing up to par and are acclimating themselves to the new guild environment. The initiate feedback meetings also provide a great forum for new members to voice their thoughts and opinions which at the end makes the guild environment better.

A (mostly) drama free environment: We’ve dealt with virtually all types of drama common to a raiding guild over the past years. We’ve also devised solutions to deal with different drama scenarios. At the end of the day, we have next to no drama-related incidents. The most important aspect of drama management that we understand is that no matter how amazing a player might be or how senior they may be, if they are one that causes a lot of internal strife and problems, they will be removed and replaced.

An online gaming community: The long term goal of Demigodz is not just to be a “great” World of Warcraft guild but also to be a long term community that will continue to play World of Warcraft and other online games of interest together.

Our Expectations
First and foremost, we are looking for players who will be long term members. We are not searching for what are commonly referred to as “bench” players. We are searching for people that we can add to our current team who plan to stick around for the years to come. As such, we DEMAND people with a passion for online gaming and World of Warcraft.
In addition to the aforementioned core characteristic, we are also seeking skilled and analytical (logical) players who are able to quickly adapt to changing game situations and environments. It would be awesome if you had most of the following characteristics:
-You know exactly what you want out of a guild and make sure your expectations match ours.
-You are extremely loyal (given that the aforementioned expectations are met).
-You learn from your own and others’ mistakes quickly.
-You do not make the same mistake twice.
-You love to analyze your own and others’ gameplay.
-You are able to take criticism well (really think about this one and be honest with yourself).
-You need be outspoken and comfortable in partaking in group discussions on Ventrilo about performance and strategies.
-You are able to formulate strategies and are able relate them or transfer them into a text format.

Frequently Asked Questions
Assembled below are some of the common recruitment questions people usually ask. Please look through here before contacting one of us.

1) What are your raiding hours?
We raid 7-10pm server time on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

2) I hate filling out applications. Is it really necessary? Can I talk to you about it in game?
You must fill out an application; and please, take time out to fill it out in detail. We use the application to get a slight insight into your personality and see whether we should take time out to talk to you more. You can message any of us in game to talk about anything you want to talk about, but you must fill out an application. No exceptions!

3) How does the application process work?
After you fill out an application, an officer will review your application and then will either send you a PM on our forums or send you an in-game mail if we are interested in proceeding further. At this point we will work out a convenient time for everyone where we can meet on Ventrilo and have a chat (so its important that you have a working mic). The chat will consist of a few officers and possibly some normal members. During the chat we will ask you some general questions, any questions that came up pertaining to your app, give you some additional information about the guild, and answer any questions that you may have. During the entire chat, we will be trying to assess your personality as well.

When you are invited to the guild, you will be required to read through our forum guide which will set you up with the appropriate Ventrilo and forum accounts, and familiarize you with the guild rules.

For the next two weeks, you will be required to maintain near perfect attendance and will most likely be provided with lots of feedback as to how you are doing. If everything goes smoothly, you will become a member at the end of the two weeks. Note that, while being an initiate, you will begin accruing DKP, however you will not be able to bid on loot unless the members don't need it. <See Godz' 10 for loot rules>

4) I can't make raids or will be late on day X. Can I still apply?
Our current optimal attendance requirement is 99.99%. Being late on some days may be alright, as long as you give notification that you will be late on such days and make this information available when you are applying to the guild. In the world we live in today, theres no excuse for lack of communication. Demigodz has this forum, a facebook, Twitter<cringes>, in-game mail, as well as some officers allowing txt messages. Ofcourse with every rule is an exception. Unforeseen circumstance befalls us all. If something happens out of your control please contact an officer asap. <See Godz' 10 for raid attendance rules>

5) What is the age range of players in the guild? What is the minimum age requirement?
Most players in Demigodz are in their mid twenties with some outliers of course. You must be 18 or older to join.

6) What type of humor is common in Demigodz?
Dirty humor. Dry humor. Really bad humor. Usually intermingled with a decent amount of profanity and vulgar language. Its all in good fun. If this offends you, please do not join. <See Godz' 10 for acceptable treatment>

7) Will I have a guaranteed raid spot if I join Demigodz?
The answer to this question is completely dependent on you. If you are a dependable, analytical, quick-to-learn-type of player with a team-oriented personality then you are indeed guaranteed a full time raiding spot.

Cool How do you deal with drama?
We try to talk to the parties involved and bring control to the situation at hand. Most of the time this works rather well as we're experienced with dealing with a variety of drama situations. However, if we have a very emotionally unstable person who somehow managed to get through the application process, we are left with no choice and will remove that person. We will not sacrifice the enjoyment of the rest of the guild because of one person's inability to be a member of a team.

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