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Post  jeffloun on Sun Jan 30, 2011 12:55 am

Character Name/Level:
Basso / 85 / armory says equiped ilvl is 346



Main Spec/Off Spec:
Holy, retribution offspec,

Do you have ventrilo?
yup, used it for the last year or so of raids etc.

What is your experience with raiding?
Vanilla - MC, ZG stop playing for quite a while, through BC
Wrath - started with argent tourny stuff and did lots of ICC 10 slowly with my current guild as we got through LK and some hardmodes with the full buff.

What are your professions/level?
alchemy and jewelcrafting, 525 each

Other comments:

I've enjoyed my current guild's casual 2-nights maybe 3 of progression per week, get to see some new stuff without comitting social suicide :-) They just cant seem to get the motivation to get raiding in the cata stuff, a few core ppl left and the attempts a few of us have made to get things going in cata have not worked out well so far.

I'm not hardcore, it's pretty basic stuff i use: healbot/decursive/DBM/recount/Omen(for dps, usually leave it off for healing...)

I'm looking for a guild that is a decent skill level around mine (I don't really want to raid with 3-4ppl clearly not pulling their weight, that just never lasts long), mostly punctual, and casual, but not 'let's wipe the raid and waste 15min as a joke' casual... efficient casual... :-) After I write that it sounds like a lot to ask actually, haha, oh well, it's true.

Skill level: I know I'm not the best healer out there, but i do pretty well and learn from my mistakes, and know how to review data to try and improve after the fact. As an idea, i just did a few 85 heroics lately with my current gear and in tricky boss fights were things were tight i'd pull 10k HPS if everything was going to hell and i was healing my ass off. i think i did 13k in the one raid attempt we'd made so far, but that was like 39sec of wipefest, so i want exactly conserving mana :-).

*edit* I put a bit of time into my gear and got a few drops finally, so mostly raid-level enchants, gems and overall gear now.

Probably enough of my ramblings for now, let me know if you have any questions.


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